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Mobile Camera App

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Hi *Dinoex*!

I am Daiki Nakata, an Editor of TokyoOtakuMode.
We're bringing Japanese culture and products such as Anime and Manga,
to people around the world.

Recently, we just released a New mobile camera app, """"Otaku Camera""""!
It's FREE, Could you please try to use and share on your website,
Facebook, or Twitter? We hope you have enjoy!

Otaku Camera - Mangatize Your Photos!

Even if you cannot draw, everyone can easily make Manga Images! You
can also share it to your friends in SNS.
After we release this app, already over 30K Otaku fans are playing in
those 5 days. In Thailand, we got No.1 in Camera app ranking, it grows
in all over the world's popularity.
Please try our app once!

Otaku Camera - Mangatize Your Photos!

I love your awesome website!
We'd like to spread Anime and Manga culture more and more!

Thank you.
mfg Dinoex


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